About Us

We're currently cooking oh-so-tasty dinners six nights a week. Dinner is usually ready around 7:30, and is vegetarian with a vegan option. The house has definitely decided not to buy meat as a house, and debate is underway as to where and when meat is allowed in common space.

Politics: We've decided to get organic products whenever they're available for less than 75% more than the conventional equivalent. Beyond that, a house meeting recently reached consensus on a decision to buy only organic dairy products. The debate on the merits of organic/fair trade/locally produced chocolate is forthcoming. Within these parameters, anyone is allowed to buy what s/he sees is needed in the house…so we all get to see what real-world prices (and grocery store checkout lines) are like. And we all eat what we want. Life is good.

How it gets here: We're shopping primarily at the Berkeley Farmers' Market and getting our bulk dry goods, tofu, etc. from Fowler Brothers. Through the good graces of CK, we manage to get bulk bags of soymilk and Shaklee cleaning products. Almost everything else comes from the Bowl, which is, conveniently, our neighborhood grocery store.

Berkeley Farmers' Markets: www.ecologycenter.org/bfm/index.html
Fowler Brothers Distributors: email mail@fowlerbrothersdistributors.com
Berkeley Bowl Marketplace: www.berkeleybowl.com