About Us

Life at Fort Awesome an experiment in community and a statement of urban sustainable living. Humans and animals co-habitate our large property that is always full of buidling projects. Residents share everything from chores to democractic decision-making.





In this photo you can see two important facets of life at Fort Awesome: bikes and chickens. We have more bikes than people at the house; we use our bikes, and avoid using private cars, as much as possible. Our chickens (now full-grown) also help us live sustainably, by laying more than enough eggs for the entire population of the house.



Our house makes decisions through weekly council meetings that are run by consensus. Every Monday evening at dinner, all house members are asked to meet in our spacious living room, where we collectively discuss and decide on all issues that are of importance to the house. The requirement that all house decisions be reached by consensus encourages cooperative decision-making and thorough discussion, ensuring that the result is the product of everyone in the house.





We currently cook oh-so-tasty vegetarian and vegan dinners six nights a week. We buy local and organic products whenever they're available for a reasonable price. Much of our food is purchased through the Berkeley Farmers Markets, Fowler Brothers, and the University Students Cooperative Association's central kitchen.



Our chickens, shown here at a tender young age, are an important part of our community. They are fed organic chicken feed and food scraps from our kitchen, and in return they give us 60-70 eggs per week.

They also seve as an example of how food can be provided locally, even in an urban setting.



Like many other things in our house, we found our redwood hot tub on Craigslist; its former owners didn't want it anymore, and agreed to give it to us for free if we could get it out of the four-foot-deep hole it was submerged in in their backyard. The tub, which was formerly a wine barrel, is five feet deep; it is heated with solarthermal panels, and the water is kept clean using an environmentally friendly UV water filter.