About Us

Univesity Students Cooperative Association
Low-cost, cooperative housing to university students, thereby promoting the general welfare of the community, and providing an educational opportunity for students who might not otherwise be able to afford a university education. The organization is committed to educating and influencing the community in order to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in housing.

Barrington Collective
A small collective that's compromised mostly of Cal students whose goal is to help people in the East Bay community form common-interest groups, bring together different cooperatives and collectives, and stage events.

Northern California Land Trust
The leading organization in the Western United States specializing in permanently affordable housing for those who have no access to market rate housing. NCLT ensures that homes it builds or rehabilitates remain accessibly priced beyond the first homeowners. This is possible by using the community land trust (CLT) model through which NCLT retains the rights to the land upon which the home stands. When a homeowner wishes to sell the house, NCLT ensures the selling price is affordable, regardless of current market prices.

NASCO is an association of campus cooperatives in Canada and the U.S., providing student cooperatives with operational assistance, encouraging the development of new student cooperatives, and serving as an advocate for student cooperatives. NASCO teaches leadership skills, provides information, and serves as the central link facilitating the fruition of the Rochdale vision in the student sector. By strengthening the student co-op movement, we believe we can strengthen the future of cooperatives generally.

Nickel City Housing Co-op
Recent college graduates worked with NASCO to establish Cooperative Roots' sister coop in Buffalo, based on ideas of cooperation, community, and an emphasis on sustainability. They have recently completed restoring a historical landmark mansion as thier first home.