About Us

December 2006
Cooperative Roots recieves 501(c)3 status.

June 2005
Bylaws of Cooperative Roots are revised.

April 2005
Cooperative Roots adds another home to its family. On April 7th, a successful bid was placed on 3088 King Street. Yes, the house next-door. Also, a board of directors is elected.

March 2005
Cooperative Roots has membership meetings. The move-in date for new rooms on the ground floor is now April 1st.

February 2005
Fort Awesome hosts an open house and finds three people to help fill the brand new rooms downstairs.The deal to buy the house is being closed and the bottom floor is being finished!

January 2005
Cooperative Roots was granted a $51,000 rebate, by the California Energy Commission, for a 12.6kW solar system installation at Fort Awesome. This will enable us to build the solar system to provide all the electricity for 3090 King St., and possibly enough surplus to power another household. We are working on getting an extension for the rebate so we can rebuild the roof before starting installation of the solar panels.

November 2004
Cooperative Roots has a visioning retreat. Cooperative tours are hosted at Fort Awesome as part of the Berkeley Do It Yourself festival. Website domain now at www.cooperativeroots.org

October 2004
Cooperative Roots unsuccessfully attempts to buy nearby Hellarity house jointly with its residents to ensure the house does not get sold off. The plans for Fort Awesome's attic renovation have been scrapped - there will be no major renovations due to structural concerns.

September 2004
Cooperative Roots signs a contract to buy Fort Awesome from the owners. House members have installed running water in the main house and are in the process of revamping their attic remodeling plans.

July 2004
Cooperative Roots adopts a low income housing policy.

June 2004
After 9 months of being raised on cribbing, Fort Awesome rests on its own walls.

May 2004
3090 King Street property is named Fort Awesome! Sun Light and Power donates 11 water-heating solar panels.

April 2004
Foundation of 3090 King Street is poured.

March 2004
After months of waiting, construction permits for 3090 King Street are approved by the city and construction resumes. Measure I passes by a landslide in Berkeley elections.

January 2004
Cooperative Roots endorses Measure I, which would enable instant runoff voting in Berkeley elections. For more information, visit www.irv4berkeley.org. The Bay Area Cooperative Housing Directory is being developed as a joint project with other local cooperative houses. Visit the site today and enter your coop's information!

December 2003
3090 King Street signs contract with Sun Light & Power, a South Berkeley resource efficient building and design firm, to build a solar array that will generate enough energy to power the entire house.
Cooperative Roots is featured in the Fall 2003 USCA Alumni Newsletter.

November 2003
Logo contest begins! View a selection of entries, or create one yourself and send it to us at cooperativeroots@yahoo.com. Community page updated.

October 2003
Cooperative Roots joins NASCO and incorporates as a nonprofit public benefit under the title, "CR Project." Calendar and descriptions of 3090 King Street added to website.

August 2003
3090 King Street gets a lift. House is raised to heighten bottom floor.

July 2003
Cooperative Roots reaches agreement with owners of 3090 King Street to purchase the property in February, with the assistance of the Seven Generations Land Trust. Residents move onto property and construction begins.

May 2003
Cooperative Roots founded with mission statement by University Student Cooperative Association members seeking to continue cooperative living beyond thier college life.